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     Your church ought to be in pictures!  Georgia is the number One location in America to shoot movies, television shows and other media.  And production companies often need to shoot in church locations.

It doesn't matter if your church is large or small, rural or urban - every film and tv show is different and has different requirements.

     Perhaps the most important thing to know is that you need to be represented when dealing with a production company.  Companies are notorious for offering way too little money to churches who generally think any amount is good. That isn't true. You don't need to be taken advantage of.

     Atlanta Church Lady can help you by representing you officially when it comes to production companies.  We are your agent to negotiate a fair amount of compensation for your property to be used as a location. In return, when are representing you, when a movie company calls us, we will put your church front and center if it meets the criteria the company is seeking for their production.

     Cheryl was in the film and television business before coming to real estate so she know how to talk to production companies and how much money it takes to compensate you fairly. Film contracts are detailed and we can protect you when it comes to your property.

     In order to get on board and be considered for film and television shoots at your church, we will need to take pictures of your property and add it to our church location database and we will also need you to sign a representation agreement.  The film company will recognize that you have an exclusive representative and will deal directly only with us.   And we will encourage the company to consider your church as a location. There are more than 700 churches inside the perimeter of Atlanta and 3000 metro-wide. We can only represent you if we know about your church.

     Please let us know if you would like to be included and if you would like to attend a seminar outlining how the business works. Use the Contact form on this website to indicate your interest.  We will include news on this page of other churches who have capitalized on the media production boom in Georgia!

    Churches we know of that have benefited from the film and television industry in metro Atlanta:

     * First Presbyterian Atlanta

     * St. Andrews Presbyterian

     * Church of the New Covenant Doraville

     * North Decatur Presbyterian

     * First United Methodist Church of Atlanta

     * Impact Church East Point

     * Druid Hills Presbyterian Church Atlanta

     * Saint Mark United Methodist Church Atlanta

     If your church has been filmed please let us know via our Contact Us page and we will add you to this growing list!